AWS SNS Pricing Model Explained, Features

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In this post, we will discuss some of the main features of AWS SNS and also how the AWS SNS Pricing model works, how the free tier works with some examples, so let’s get started, please make sure to check the AWS official documentation about AWS SNS, AWS official documentation is used for the information i will provide in this post.

What is AWS SNS?

Amazon Simple Notification Service is offered by AWS (Amazon Web Services) which is a pub/sub based system to send messages to different subscribers, these subscribers can be an application subscribed to a topic, mobile phone numbers, other AWS services like AWS SQS, AWS Lambda, AWS Kinesis, etc.

The main advantage of using AWS SNS is that it provides very high throughput and it is very fast, you can send millions of messages to different subscribers with very little delay, it is also very scalable and it is fully managed by AWS itself.

AWS SNS Pricing Model

There are no upfront fees when we are using AWS SNS, we only pay for what we use. Billing depends on the type of SNS topic we are using, there are two types of topics – Standard and FIFO topics.

Let’s see these in brief, also check out the official documentation for detailed information regarding AWS SNS Pricing.

Standard Topics

Billing for standard topics depends upon the numbers of monthly API requests made and number of deliveries made to different types of endpoints, each type of endpoint has different factors which affect the billing.

First 1 million requests made with AWS SNS are free and after that $0.50 per million requests gets charged by AWS.

Above image shows current pricing charged by AWS for US-EAST (Ohio) region for delivering to different types of endpoints.

FIFO Topics

Pricing with FIFO topics is based on the number of published and subscribed messages with the payload data.

This is the current pricing model for FIFO topics, it shows the numbers for API requests and payload data.


AWS SNS offers many great features, let’s see some of them

High Throughput

This is one of the main features which AWS SNS provides, it allows very high throughput, if we are using Standard topics then we can literally send any number of messages in a second and if we are using FIFO topics then we have a limit of 300 messages in a second with 10 MB per second for a single topic.

Message Filtering

If we have different applications subscribing to a single topic, we have an option to create policies for different subscribers so applications only receive the published data if they need it.

This is a great feature if we need multiple subscribers to subscribe to a single topic but still, we need some filtering mechanism so only certain subscribers receive the message in certain situations.

Security and Privacy

Message encryption is available if we use encrypted topics, AWS SNS encrypts all the messages sent to that topic from any unauthorized access. AWS KMS (Key management system) is used to issue the key to encrypt the messages.

Data privacy can be achieved by using VPC endpoints to send messages to any topic privately without going through the public internet.

There are many other features that are offered by AWS, check out this documentation to know more.


In this post we saw in brief how the AWS SNS Pricing Model works and also some of the features which are offered by AWS SNS, this is a great service offered by AWS which can be used in many scenarios like sending real-time messaging to different applications and whenever we need a pub/sub model in our application.

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